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Pondicherry Shopping

     Pondicherry has a lot of offer in terms of shopping, villianur, the terracotta hub, is a place where around 500 families of terracotta artisans mix three types of clay to make dolls, jewellery, horses and ‘urlis’ for interior decoration. Terracotta products are sold at the Pudumai showroom on Goubert Avenue.

You can also shop for agarbathis made using natural ingredients, uniquely handcrafted leather products, scented and floating candles, tie and dye materials, handmade paper and long-lasting cloth and bedspreads from Anglo French Textiles.

In recent times, Pondicherry has become the manufacturing hub of several world class brands in leather, pottery, aromatics, fashion and handmade paper. A new trend is the proliferation of exquisite décor boutiques and export-quality antique furniture galleries.

Where to buy?

     Shopping in Pondicherry can be fun from bargaining with pavement sellers to shopping at the swanky shopping malls and plazas – you can find all kinds of stores and wares on the same street.

Nehru Street (JN Street) is the main commercial street in Pondicherry.  All world class textile show rooms are here the Anglo French textile show room, Hide sign leather show room and the famous café Indian Coffee House.

In Kosakadai Street, situated just parallel to Nehru Street, one can find uncountable number of jewellery show rooms such as Lakshmi Jewellery, Thanga maligai, Valli Vilas etc. All kinds of jewels modern and traditional designs are available here.

Aurobindo Ashram factory in Pondicherry produces many articles, like candles, incense sticks, and paper which are symbolic of local crafts and have become quite popular with tourists. Leather is in vogue and is manufactured in a conventional way with intricate details.

Sunday Market is a chain of roadside shops on Gandhi Street that comes alive only on Sunday.  Here, one can find a variety of items, from fresh exotic fruits to handcrafts and innumerable other items.  However, be prepared to jostle with the crowd as the Sunday Market is always very crowded.

Generally, shops remain open from 10.am to 1.00 pm and from 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm in Pondicherry.  On Sundays, many shops remain closed to give way to the Sunday market.

There are also many regular shops and shopping malls in the following areas:

1. Anna Salai
2. Mahatma Gandhi Street (M.G. Street)
3. Cathedral Street (Mission Street)
4. Romain Rolland Street

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